Metal Love Connectors

Metal Love Connectors

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Height: 27.8 mm

Width: 35 mm
Hole Size: (Ø 4.6*2.6 mm)size app.: 
Manufacturer: Yonca Bijou
Origin: Made in Turkey

Material: ZAMAK (zinc, aluminuim, magnesium, copper).

All possible colors:

- antique silver (plated with 925'er sterling silver)
- matt antique silver
- antique copper
- vintage copper
- antique brass
- rhodium (imitate)
- light gold
- rose perlmutt
- jet hematite
- matt black
- raw zamak
- gold (plated with 24 karat gold)
- matt gold  (plated with 24 karat gold)
- rose gold  (plated with 24 karat gold

Our products are of high quality and do not contain nickel or lead, according to EU-Standard.

All of the metal based articles are produced directly by ourselves in our workshops in Turkey we are producing and providing them without any middlemen.

Furthermore we do allow special offers to our customers who are large wholesalers.

Please contact us for all requests for custom made orders and special discounts.

*Zamak (formerly trademarked as ZAMAK and also known as Zamac) is a family of alloys with a base metal of zinc and alloying elements of aluminium, magnesium, and copper.
Zamak alloys are part of the zinc aluminium alloy family; they are distinguished from the other ZA alloys because of their constant 5% aluminium composition.
The name zamak is an acronym of the German names for the metals of which the alloys are composed: Zink (zinc), Aluminium, Magnesium and Kupfer (copper). The New Jersey Zinc Company developed zamak alloys in 1929. Zinc alloys are popularly referred to as pot metal or white metal. While zamak is held to higher industrial standards, it is still considered a pot metal.

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